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Deen Riders & HHUGS Youth Day Out

We need your generous donations to help fund a much needed day out for the youth of the HHUGS families. Your donations will give these youth a chance to learn basic archery skills, experience fun & games in the woods, have a picnic and much, much more! Please take the time to donate generously (don't forget to add the gift aid) and please share this page with all your friends and family. Lets join together in giving these amazing kid an unforgettably amazing day.

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RideAid 4 Refugees

Deen Riders and Help the Needy will be collecting donations to help the refugees in Lesvos Greece who are currently sleeping outdoors without shelter. The situation is worsening and we as a community have to help. We want to raise a minimum of £5,000 with your help. Deen Riders will be in London on Saturday 24th October. We will ride to your home to collect donations over £300

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Day Trip 4 HHUGS

Help us to bring light into the lives of children who have had their fathers taken from them. We have organised a one day excursion in the South Downs on Saturday October 10th for the children of HHUGS. They don't often have the opportunity to have fun and experience the beauty of the countryside. With your help, Deen Riders will help to alleviate the stress and anxiety they experience on a daily basis. 

Please donate generously so we can hire minibuses and provide food and activities for our beloved children.


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A few photos from the 2nd RevItUp for Syria event in Birmingham. A massive thank you to those who invited & supported us!


Highlights from the first dR rally where 12 intrepid riders competed for the championship trophies.

dR Championship Rally 2015

On a gloriously sunny Saturday morning, 12 bikers departed from Beaconsfield

services to compete in the 2015 dR championship rally. This was the first event

of its kind in Deen Riders history and although the turnout wasn’t brilliant, you

couldn’t have asked for a better group of contestants.

The teams set off at around 11:30am after a short briefing. They had no idea

what to expect, but once the instructions were handed out, they shot off with

lightning speed to try to gain an advantage over their competitors. The course

took the riders to scenic locations including Ivinghoe in Leighton Buzzard and

Henley on Thames.

The dR championship rally is not a race against contestants or time. It’s a series

of activities which tests the navigation, mental agility and observation skills of

the participants. There are also some off road elements, but these are to be

carried out on foot. The participants are given the rare chance to fully

appreciate the beauty of the countryside. They will find themselves in locations

otherwise inaccessible by road. Some of the best places the country has to offer.

After three and a half hours the intrepid contestants crossed the finish line

ready to answer questions on the places they visited. It took a further 60

minutes to announce the winning team. This was decided by a tie breaker.

Congratulations to Umar Khan and Amin Gam who took the winning trophies.

Silver medals went to Usama and Murad and bronze to Ihsan and Jamal.

The dR championship rally will be back next year. It will be bigger and better

and we will be inviting sponsors to get involved. Stay tuned and be ready for

another fantastic event.


Congratulations to brother Murad, who is finally awarded with his medal from the dR Rally.



Night Trek for HHUGS

Winter Campaign

Gaza RideAid


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