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If I were to show you a video of the last thirty seconds of someone's life and you watched it until the end, it would scar you. And if that person was a child it would probably haunt you for a very very long time.

If I were then to tell you that you were responsible for that person's death, then it would haunt you for the rest of your life.

In East Africa, there is a famine that is claiming many lives, and during the last thirty seconds of their lives when all they need is food. They are pointing their fingers at us and holding us accountable for not taking action. So I urge you to save yourselves. Save yourselves now. Donate to save a life. 


2016 Highlights

Heartbreaking Announcement

Inna lillahi wa inna illayhi raji'un.
(To Allah we belong and to Allah we will return).

Monday 5th Dec 2016 little Yusuf returned peacefully to Allah.

May Allah grant his family strength and sabr. Ameen.
May Allah reunite us all with him in Jannah one day so he can fulfil his dream of riding with his Deen Rider uncles. Ameen.

This extraordinary little boy touched the hearts of many. His little cheeky smile will be missed.

Little Yusuf's soul was too pure and innocent for this world, he has returned to heaven where he belongs.

We thank Allah we were allowed to have met little Yusuf and we pray that Allah keeps us on the straight path so that we may meet him again. Ameen.




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